Month: June 2004

  • I Accept

    Friday night my realtor called with an offer on our condo. It was lower than I expected, but they were willing to forgo the carpet allowance we were offering and the realtor was willing to drop her commission to 2%. I ran the numbers through the calculator and was more than happy with the results. […]

  • Xbox Live

    I saw this over at Penny Arcade in a post by Tycho and I liked it so much that I wanted to save and share it. “Online was the only thing that Microsoft could accomplish to a greater degree than any of their competitors, and they have spent more money than you or I will […]

  • Memorial Day Weekend

    What a weekend! I was crazy busy over the holiday weekend. I picked up the boys on Friday as usual but that was just the begining. I spent all weekend painting. Painting trim. Painting ceilings. Painting doors. Painting walls. Painting touch-ups where I painted what I should not have. I think I painted more this […]