I stayed home from work today. Had a bit of sickness going on this morning. All of the major illness indicators were acting up, sore throat, headache, stomach problems. I stayed in bed until 1:30 and I feel quite a bit better now, though I still didn’t want to eat dinner.
Sat down to do the writing thing tonight and ran smack into a research problem. I can’t really finish the end of the book until I finish the transition from the original story to the expanded version. But, I can’t write that until I know what’s going on in Detroit. So I took some time today to figure out where I was taking Thane on his little hunt to find Sherice. Looks like he’s going to end up at the Penobscot Building right in the heart of Detroit. Anyway, that took a bit of research and I didn’t get much writing done today, 222 words.
I’ll hit it much harder tomorrow. I’m still 1,902 words ahead of my mark for the year.

Not getting started as early as I had hoped. But I think I’ve given myself enough time to get 2,000 words done by the time the boys arrive. Here’s hoping that the words are kind to me today. Starting word count is 98,904, goal for the day 102,904 or better.

I managed to get 2,170 words this morning before the boys showed up. But now I’m beat. I came up here to do some more writing, but I just can’t.
Final word count for the weekend, 8,304. Not a bad showing, a little more discipline on my part and I would have made it.
Word count for A Difficult Dinner at the end of the day, 101,074.

4,086 words done. That puts me ahead of schedule for the year. I’m at a good point to keep going, but I’m beat. I’ll pick it up again tomorrow. I’m out. Sleepy time.

Worked at it hard last night and put 2,048 new words down on the story. Thane and Demarco had there little chat about vampires and made it all the way into Ohio. Now Thane needs to come up with a plan to rescue Sherice. That’s the plan for today. Starting point for the day, 94,818 words. Goal 98,818 words or better.

Two things. I realized that I forgot a big nugget that I was supposed to include in the Lucien/Cornell/Thane fight. Because of this forgotten bit and the general lack of punch that the fight has, I’m going to have to rewrite a large chunk of that scene. I didn’t want to do that last night because I wanted to push forward with the story.
Which brings us to number two. I’ve got Thane and Demarco in the car together, they’re supposed to talk about what Demarco was promised by the vampires and then Thane gives him the big, “why you don’t want to be a vampire” speech. The problem is that I went to write that sceen and couldn’t remember any of the stuff I’d wanted to touch on with the scene. I banged my head on the screen for three hours last night and didn’t get anything out of it. I’m going to let it stew in the pot that is my head all day and really bang it out tonight. I think Tasha is going out tonight, so I should have the house to myself. I’m hoping to get lots of words tonight.
I really need to crank the words this weekend. I’m going to get 2,000 today and 4,000 saturday and sunday. That means 10,000 new words by this time Monday and I’ll be over the 100,000 word mark. Wish me luck.

Well, I’ve used up both my days off for this week. Not that I really had any to spare. If I was going to finish A Difficult Dinner by the end of the month I really needed to do 2,000 words a day. Which I have not. Anyway, I wrote some words yesterday, 1,362 of them to be exact. Thane and Demarco are in the car headed back to Detroit. Lucien and Cornell are dead. It’s time for a heart to heart between the boys and somewhere along the ride home we’re going to have a little intervention from the colonial vampires, that’d be Cole and his folks. Things are winding up to the big finish.

So I’m listening to LAUNCHcast Radio and rating my songs and just having a good old time when all of the sudden it stops and gives me a pop-up that say’s I’ve exceeded the usage limit of their free service for the month. What? I’ve only been listening to it for two weeks, maybe three. I’m reevaluating my endorsement of this product. I’m not going to pay for their service and I’m not going to listen to their preprogrammed stations at a lower sound quality and no song skipping. Just thought you should know what to expect when you run out of free time. I for one will be going back to MSN radio on the mediaplayer until next month.

Left work early yesterday to go to my appointment with the optometrist. He looked me over and pronounced me good to go on the lasic. The dilation exam, however, played havoc with me the rest of the day. I still don’t think my pupils have retracted to their normal state. I couldn’t read, watch TV, or work on the computer last night because of the aggravation it caused my eyes. Too much concentration caused my head to throb, so last night was a complete waste. No writing, no games, I did struggle through a complete viewing of ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ on AMC. Been a long time since I’ve seen it, it’s still a fun movie.
I finished Bangkok 8 on audio CD, not really sure how I feel about it. The writing was good, but a lot of the stuff I wanted to see come about in the story didn’t happen. It was really more of a character study than a whodunit, not that I was looking for a mystery. Now I’m listening to Edge of Danger by Jack Higgins. In the beginning I didn’t really like this book, I thought it was going to glorify terrorism by showing the pride and honor of the Rashid family. But since it’s now turned to concentrate on Sean Dillion and how he can foil the Rashid’s plan I’m really starting to like it. Halfway through it, only 3 more disks left.
This is going to be one long day. My eyes are already starting to feel sore as I look at the screen.

Holly Lisle turned me on to S.L. Viehl’s Paperback Writer blog. While reading it I found this helpful list of Ten Things to Help With Novel Plotting. Check it out. See if any of these ideas work for you.
I can’t believe how much snow we’ve gotten this year. I don’t think I’ve seen this much snow since I was a kid. Maybe it’s jjust because I didn’t have to deal with it for the last seven years. Living in a condo I had my people take care of the roads, driveways and walks. I’m going to head over to weather.com right now and see if I can confirm this suspicion…..
….I give up. There is a ton of weather information available online, so much so that I can’t find what I’m looking for. I’m just going to go by the pile of snow next to my driveway and how high the snow comes up on my dog. Seems like a lot of damn snow.

Just a quick update here. I couldn’t get the swing of the writing all day. Maybe I’ve trained myself to only write when it’s dark. Who knows. But I started writing at my usual time, 7:00 PM, and managed to crank out 2,019 words. Bringing my total count up to 91,408, I’ve got myself a full blown novel now. Anyway Thane is about to go toe to toe with Lucien. Things are about to heat up.