Happy New Year

I finished the first of my Christmas books this morning, The Monkey’s Raincoat by Robert Crais. I can’t believe that I finished it in two days. It’s been a long time since I read a book that quickly. I attribute it to the extremely slow week at work. This was the first in the Elvis Cole and Joe Pike series of books. I’ve read the last three books in the series and wanted to check out the origin of the series. Very good stuff, I really like these books.
Have a great New Years celebration. Be good, be safe, be smart, and I’ll talk at you next year.

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The wife and I went out last night, dinner and a movie, nothing particularly fancy. I had the best chicken fajitas I’ve had in a long time; she wasn’t quite as fond of her enchilada. A little hit, a little miss.
The movie we settled on was The Chronicles of Narnia. She, the wife, read and loved the Narnia books as a kid. I just recently read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe in preparation for this film. I enjoyed seeing all the fantasy creatures come to life on the screen. The griffon in particular was stunning. The lion looks much better in action than he does in the stills I’ve seen online, but he was still the least believable of the animal characters. The beavers were great, at one point I thought it’d be cool if they had their own television show, a beaver sitcom. Must see TV with rodents. The special effects and CGI were good, great in places, but not the best I’ve ever seen. Not Lord of the Rings great. The problem I had with the movie was the same problem I had with the book, it just seemed slow. It seemed to take forever to get them all to Narnia and once they were there it took forever to see anything really cool. The final battle was okay. It probably would have been great if it weren’t for that Ring trilogy from a little while back. Overall I’d say that it was a good movie and give it a B-. The wife would probably disagree and give it an A, but then she’s got childhood Narnia memories that I don’t have.
In other news, having finally found it, I finished Holly Lisle’s Last Girl Dancing. I struggled with the whole cop turned stripper aspect of the book, to many bad Cinemax movies I guess. But the characters were good and the writing solid. I enjoyed the relationship between Jess, the cop, and Hank, the psychic. And I really liked the way Holly handled Hank’s psychic talent. And the ending had me turning pages as fast as I could. The book didn’t knock me on my ass the way Midnight Rain did, but it’s a solid hit and I’m looking forward to diving into Talyn and seeing what Holly does in a fantasy setting.

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New Years Resolutions

The New Year is fast approaching. Soon all that was 2005 will be shrouded in a mist of vague remembrance. Was it a good year? Was it a bad year? I don’t know. Initially I say good, but then I think about some of the obstacles that were placed in my path and wonder, was it really? This is the time of year when you’re supposed to think about stuff like that. What happened in the past year, what changes should I make for the coming year, and am I where I want to be in my life. So we come to the mythic bastion of lies and self delusion that I like to call the New Years Resolution.
Writing is something that seems to start the year strong, wan in the spring and summer and then begin to wax once again as autumn closes in on winter. Which is a pattern I need to break, I need to make writing a year long pursuit. So with that in mind I’ve got a few resolutions that tie directly to my writing.
I resolve to write something everyday; blog post, fiction, love note, grocery list, whatever.
I resolve to write a thousand words a day, four days a week on my novel, with the goal being two hundred thousand words and two finished drafts in 2006.
I resolve to finish editing and revisions of A Difficult Dinner and submit it to at least half a dozen publishers in 2006.
I resolve to edit, outline, brainstorm, and story build one day a week so that when I finish one project I’ll be ready for the next.
Unlike years past, in 2006 I will not set a weight loss goal. I know where I should be and I know how much I need to lose. This year I will make my resolution reflect what I need to do to be healthier.
I resolve to take the dog on a thirty minute walk everyday. This’ll do my fat dog as much good as it’ll do me.
I resolve to do a full exercise routine three times a week and to do basic calisthenics every morning in 2006.
I resolve to give up drinking soda (again) and eating fast food.
I resolve to learn to jump rope without looking like a clumsy oaf.
A couple other things that I want to address in 2006 and so get their own resolutions.
I resolve to be more involved in the household; chores, finances, child rearing.
I resolve to spend more time with my wife just being a couple.
I resolve to get off my ass and get the home repair projects taken care of.
So there you have it, my New Years resolutions. Did you make any? Did you make any you don’t think you’ll be able to keep? Do you have a plan for keeping your resolutions? I do, but I’ll put the plan in another post.

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Oncall No More

The oncall is over. Well, technically I think it goes until 9:00 AM, but I’d be here at work until almost then anyway. So I’m unwinding and preparing for the New Years weekend. I’ve been invited to a party, but the wife says she’s made plans with her sister. What I’m wondering is, do those plans include me? I never know with this woman. Sometimes I wish my relationship was slightly more codependent. Then at least I’d know to expect her to want to be around me on these holidays. As it is she’ll probably invite me along about 30 minutes before she leaves. I of course will say no, because I’ll be annoyed. Aint it great when life is predictable.
I finished listening to The Codex by Douglas Preston while on the way to work tonight. The premise of the story seemed a little brazen to me; rich father decides to be buried with his wealth and challenges his three sons to find his tomb. But it also seemed a good set up to a rousing adventure story, which it was. I wish that the story would have had a more pronounced protagonist, but it was more an ensemble cast book. The characters were good. The story was good. The narrator was good. And the imagery of a trek through the Honduran jungle was evocative and uncomfortable. It was one of these books that leave me sitting in the car for a half hour after I’ve arrived at my destination just so I can hear what comes next. That’s always a good sign. So I’m going to give The Codex a thumbs up, despite the unlikely plot and clichéd ending. I must say, though, I loved the idea of the Mayan codex. Very cool.
I would be telling you my thoughts on Holly Lisle’s Last Girl Dancing right now, but I misplaced the book for a week. I found it tonight in the car buried in a bag under two 12-packs of returnable cans. Not a dignified place for a book to be. Losing a book with less than a hundred pages left to read was horribly annoying. When I get to those last hundred pages I usually like to race toward the end. There’s something about being that close that drives me forward. I should have it done soon, probably tomorrow.

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Kissing Monkeys

Monkey Lovin'
Monkey Lovin'

Aren’t they adorable? I mean in a weird, slightly disturbing, what the hell was she thinking sort of way. Is this a gift you’d buy your brother? Is this a gift you’d expect from your sister? If you said yes to either of those last two questions, you’re a freak.
My sister was kind enough to point out the detail on the monkey nipples. Yeah, thanks for that.
I guess maybe I’m hard to buy for, what with my multitude of hobbies and interests. But as a man I’m always up for a little hot monkey love. So these overheated monkeys are sitting atop my office television just waiting for the light to go out so they can get at it.
What a strange, strange Christmas.

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You Broke the Internet

I thought we had an agreement here. No one was going to break the internet. What happened with that?
I got paged last night on an issue, some time around 9:30 pm, worked it until 6:30 am. Got paged again at 10:30 am on another issue. A few others have cropped up throughout the day. So I’m looking at 4 hours of sleep in the last 37 hours and counting. I’m hoping to have this issue wrapped in two hours. Then I’m getting me some sleep.
Wife just left to go to the funeral. I get to stay home with the kids. Not sure who got the best out of this deal.

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Christmas Loot

I managed to reel in quite a haul of good stuff from the family. I managed to get all six of the books I asked for as well as a couple shirts, a few other things, and a statue of kissing monkeys from my sister. Not sure what that’s all about, but I think they might deserve their own post.
Hope you got every thing you wanted. Merry Christmas and thank god its over.
BTW, somebody out there broke the internet… twice. I’ll find you and when I do…..

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