Month: September 2009

  • Lets Get Ourselves Prepared

    Is it too early to start thinking about National Novel Writing Month? November feels far off, but it’s only 36-days away. A length of time that could easily slip past without notice with the ramp up to Halloween and the onset of winter. And yet it is plenty of time to come up with a […]

  • Let's Go Shooting

    Tonight was our class at Silver Bullet Firearms, First Steps Pistol Orientation. We walked in and they said, what do you want to shoot, and handed us a couple guns. Normally, when I go places the first thing they do isn’t hand me an assortment of firearms. Tasha chose a Beretta Neo 22LR. I took […]

  • Football, Football, Football

    It’s official, Denis is in the PS3 Madden 10 Franchise. We played a practice game tonight. I didn’t do so well. I completed 3 passes for 38 yards and ran for another 18. I had 3 balls intercepted and another 3 knocked out of the air. Fortunately, he didn’t play that much better or it […]

  • A New Kind of Football Game

    Finally the magic combination of a QuickHit Football code and a working website have come together to allow me to try out the game. I like it. It’s almost a football RPG. You’re the coach, you pick the plays and the players do their thing, you play games and earn points, after enough points you […]

  • Zen and the Art of Auto Maintenance

    Took the car in to Midas this morning. I’ve been meaning to take it somewhere for a while, and now that we have Tasha’s car here, this morning seemed as good a time as any. The thing has over 86,000 miles on it now and my list of things that need attention was long; mushy […]

  • The Machines of Da Vinci

    We went to the Grand Rapids Public Museum tonight after dinner at Mojo’s. The museum is having a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit called, Machines in Motion. It’s a bunch of machines built from the drawings and designs of Leonardo  Da Vinci; the tank, the helicopter, the glider, etc… I think there were about fourty of […]

  • Just Another Day In The Life

    I may have to take back what I was saying about Quick Hit Football. I signed up a few weeks ago and they let me register and make a team. Last night when I tried to log in, they told me I had no account. I have the email. I have an account. To make […]

  • Let's Talk Pigskin

    Video game football is back. The 1st and Ten league has been reborn on the PS3. Jay, Kevin, Denis, and myself are taking up the Online Franchise mode in Madden NFL 10. In order to decrease the number of games against CPU Opponents we’ve taken teams in the NFC North. Jay will be heading the […]

  • The Big Day, Raffle Saturday

    See that picture. A beautiful blue, 2009 Chevrolet Corvette. That’s the corvette I didn’t win in the 28th Annual Grand Valley Corvette Association Inc. Raffle. The drawing was today. I also did not win the money for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place. But what I did have was 2-months of fantasies about winning. I bought […]

  • Mark and Dawn and Pete

    We were supposed to be at a birthday party tonight, but we forgot until we were nearly in Grand Haven. Oops. Our pals, Mark and Dawn, rented a RV and have been trying out the RVing lifestyle. Tonight they’re in Grand Haven at the campground so we went and saw them. Walk on the beach. […]

  • An Update

    All I’ll say is that the pills have taken effect. The pain is lessening. I’ve had to make frequent stops today. And I don’t want to eat anything. Thank god for modern medicine.

  • Ouch Ouch Ouch

    Well, it was bound to happen. Between the weight gain and the beer and the crap diet the fucking gout has acted up again. I’ve got enough pills to take care of it, assuming these things still work, the expiration date was 07/2007. But it’s late and I’ve got to do something. At this hour […]