Month: December 2015

  • Farewell 15

    This is the one hundred and eighty fourth post of the year. It is also the last post of the year. I was going to do a 2015 wrap-up, but I didn’t get around to it and I don’t have time tonight. So you can expect it sometime this weekend. I had a good year, […]

  • The Guardians Rediscovered

    I was looking through some old stuff and I found this little thing I put together from some Bruce Timm style character templates. It’s from back in the day, when I played in a superhero RPG. I don’t remember the system; it may have been Mutants & Masterminds. Anyway, these were our characters… that’s me […]

  • Server Change Downtime

    There was a little bit of downtime here at, and over at our sister site,, while I had the folks over at Lunarpages move my account to a different server. ┬áMostly it went flawlessly and they were very easy to work with, but there was that little database issue. But that’s all done […]

  • Rolling Workbench

    My workbench is cluttered with fasteners, tools, and debris from the last project. Which makes it terribly inconvenient to find anything, let alone do any work. So every time I wanted to work on something in the garage I had to dig out my sawhorses, find a large piece of something to straddle the sawhorses, […]

  • Batman Comes to the Party

    I did some redecorating/rearranging in the office yesterday after the Christmas festivities died down. Just wanted to show you my new Batman bust and the closer, but still unfinished, shield. There are several things that I notice in this picture that are projects in progress and some that are in need of explanation. The bathroom […]

  • Merry Christmas

  • Ikigai

    (n.) lit. “a reason for being“; ‘a reason to get up in the morning,’ to enjoy the meaning of life–passion, purpose, something one lives for. I stumbled on this earlier today, and I’m taken with it. Ikigai. Finding “a reason for being”. Is it something everyone has? Do I have one? The Japanese would say […]

  • The Big One Six

    Just a little shout out to the youngest of my three boys, Camden, who turns 16-years old today. Happy Birthday and enjoy the day.

  • It's All About Story

    National Novel Writing Month is over and I do not have a novel to show for it. I have some notes, some visual prompts, and nine scenes spread across two time periods. In all it works out to a bit more than 13,000 words of finely crafted, well thought out prose. Ha. Still, a novel […]