Month: August 2016

  • Welcome to Healthy Living

    Why are you taking this class?  What are personal health goals you have for yourself this semester?  Share with the class!  Thank you! Why am I taking this class? Of course there is the requirement for a Wellness elective, but that’s not really why I chose this particular class. I am a 48-year old man […]

  • A Good Wind

    Yesterday I went to the GRCC orientation, picked out my classes, and then, because I waited until the last minute and financial aid is slower than I am, I paid for those same classes. I need to pick up my books tomorrow. Classes start on Tuesday. Hoist the anchor, I’m off on an adventure. The […]

  • To Err is Human

  • So Happy I Could Dance

    I started the day off right by rebuying my house. The refinance went through and we signed all the papers today. I’m very happy with the rate we received and I can’t imagine this being much better than it is. I think I missed the lowest rates I saw by two or three days, but […]

  • Too Soon

    Lady Ronn and I spent the early part of yesterday at Grand Rapids Community College getting our our ducks in order for the coming semester. And today was high school registration for the youngest boy. My air conditioning preventative maintenance’s are all done. And worst of all, Menard’s has it’s Halloween stuff out already. I’m afraid […]

  • Happy 3rd Anniversary to Us

  • I Think It Counts

    Did I get everything done. Well, sort of. I painted the shelves and put the office back together, to a degree. There’s only so much I can do until I finish the desk and the paint cures. I trimmed out the bathroom and put the shelf along the back wall. I still need to do […]

  • Nearly There

    I had to fill and sand a few imperfections. Then I applied a couple of coats of Zinsser primer, which was very thick and still the wood sucked it up like it was a tasty treat. Once that was done I had to sand all the drips and bits of junk that found their way […]

  • Who's a Dirty, Dirty Boy

  • Memories from Childhood

  • Another Great Birthday

    My birthday was great. Had lunch with the family, take-out Chinese for dinner, cake and presents after the middle child got out of work, and I even had time to do some of the trim work in the basement bathroom in between. I want to say ‘Thank you’ to all the friends, family, and companies that […]

  • It's That Time Again

    Today is my birthday. Completing one more trip around the sun. Another year older. Come on, let’s all sing the birthday song… “Trip Around The Sun” Jimmy Buffett (feat. Martina McBride) Hear ’em singing happy birthday Better think about the wish I make This year gone by Ain’t been a piece of cake. Every day’s […]