Month: October 2016

  • Healthy Living WK09

    Week nine in healthy living is all about alcohol and tobacco and this weeks discussion board question was, What do you think the “legal” drinking age should be? Why? What community problems would arise by lowering drinking age? What is one health problem associated with alcohol or tobacco….Explain! I think the “legal” drinking age should […]

  • Smarts

  • Snoopy

     I picked up this small writing Snoopy as another motivator for my writing and because everybody loves Snoopy. Mostly, it’s a reminder that I need to be writing. But still, Snoopy is cool. However, he doesn’t sit up very well on his own and so ends up resting with his nose to the page. That could be […]

  • Healthy Living WK08

    I’ve put on a lot of weight as I’ve gotten older and it’s mostly a problem of diet. Too much soda. Too much fast food. I had horrible teeth as a child. I wore braces for four years. So I’ve had my share of body image issues. I still have them, only I’m older now […]

  • A Thing I Made

    I have a small collection of 1:18 scale die-cast cars and there are a couple more that I want to pick up. Most notably, I want a 1977 Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am. But they look diminutive on my 11-inch high shelves, so I decided to build a display stand to put them on. […]

  • Cat in the Workshop

  • Role With It

  • Healthy Living WK07

    How would you react if you found out your grade in a health and fitness class was going to be affected by your body composition as measured by your BMI? Are parents to blame when children are overweight? Should parents be charged with negligence in caring for their children (if a child is over weight […]

  • GRCC and Winter 2017

    Today was the first day I was able to register for classes during the Winter semester. I wanted to make sure I had the widest range of available classes, so I did my registering this morning. Also, class registration is an assignment in my Intro to College class. Earlier in that class I used the […]

  • The Problem at Piper

    Here is another little bit of the college experience for those of you who like this sort of thing. For those of you who don’t, just skip it and move on to something else. This week in my college writing class we were asked to read this article, “School Cheating Scandal Tests a Town’s Values.” […]

  • I'm No Time Lord

  • My Dog