Month: June 2017

  • Making the Grade

    With the first half of the Summer semester done and two of my three classes complete, here’s how I’m doing: Class Grades – 2017 Summer  Official Grades Class Description Units Grading Grade Grade Points HVA 174 HVAC Blueprint Reading/ Design 3.00 Graded A 12.000 HVA 246 Mechanical Codes 2.00 Graded A 8.000 PS 110 American […]

  • Stalled

    Last night I put down the second layer of subfloor to bring the floor level with the hallway and then hung all but one piece of the remaining sheetrock (I have to get behind the shower to make an adjustment and install a bracket I forgot). But even so, I feel like it was a […]

  • Time for Sheetrock

    Another day, another update on the main bathroom. Today, I fixed everything in place. A few shims and it’s all square and plum, which is important if we decide to install shower doors. If we go with a curtain, it’s not so important. Once everything was shimmed and plumbed and screwed in place, then it […]

  • Long Day in a Small Room

      Today, I spent the day in the bathroom, or what was once a bathroom, and hopefully will be one again soon. These kinds of projects take me far more time than they should, mostly, because I’m deathly afraid of doing it wrong or ruining the stuff I’ve bought. Anyway, today was a day full of […]

  • Blueprint Reading Final

    Last night was the final exam for my HVAC Blueprint Reading course. That went pretty well, I think I can expect an A in the class and an A on the exam. Monday will be the final exam for my HVAC Code class and then Wednesday we start Government, we being the wife and I. […]