Book Haul

The Last Boy Scout by Dan Becker. Did you know there was a novelization of The Last Boy Scout? I didn’t. I love that movie. I just had to buy that book. HAD TO. I’m interested to see if it translates to the written page. My suspicion is that without Bruce Willis, it won’t. But we’ll see.

Pagan Babies by Elmore Leonard. I must really like Pagan Babies, but not enough to remember it. Because, I buy it every time I see it. Then I get home and realize that I’ve already picked it up. And then I have to find someone to give it too. It’s very frustrating to do this, but there is so rarely anything in Schuler’s used book section by Elmore Leonard that I get overly excited when I do find something. And that leads to mistakes. Whoops.

The Writer’s Guide To Fantasy Literature edited by Philip Martin. I almost didn’t pick up this last one. I have done so little writing in the past few years that it almost feels like a pipedream. But really it’s just a lack of dedication to the writing. But because I am always an eternal optimist… honest. Ask anyone. I am… I grabbed it off the shelf and added it to my purchase. I’ve never heard of it before, but referencing Dragon’s Lair and Hero’s Quest on the front cover is not a great sign. Hopefully, I will find a few gems between it’s covers.