It's a Little Different

I picked this collection from  earlier this week, all 22 of the Oz books written by L. Frank Baum. Outside of the classic movie and those Wicked novels, I really haven’t had any exposure to the Land of Oz. I didn’t read those books as a child, but as an adult I find myself being curious about the whole thing.
I’ve finished the first book and better than halfway through the second at this point. These are definitely, unmistakably children’s books. They are not unenjoyable, but they don’t hold much for an adult reader to bite into.
The first book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, was fun, because I was comparing it to the movie. The are definitely differences. I’ll let you read, or listen, for yourself to discover what they may be. But the second book holds less interest for me and I find myself becoming a little bored with it all. Not good, given that I have 21 more books and something like 85-hours of audio remaining.
I’m certain that I will not be listening to all these in one mad dash to the end. I think I’ll speak them out in blocks of three or four. Fortunately,  they’re relatively short.
I’ll give you additional updates as I get further into this series.
The Complete Wizard of OZ by L. Frank Baum, narrated by Eric Vincent