A Little Dresden

With the recent announcement that we will be getting the new book, Peace Talks, on July 14th of this year and then Jim Butcher mentioning, on Daniel Greene’s YouTube channel, that Battle Grounds will be coming three months later. I was doing some online searching for Dresden stuff. And as a fan of Jim Butcher’s “The Dresden Files” series of books, I was excited when I stumbled on this Harry Dresden statue on Joe Viego’s artstation page. I was doubly excited when I realized that you could buy it from The Hamilton Collection for less than a hundred bucks. I was down for that.

the prototype version with hat

There is a pretty significant difference between the prototype paint job and the one that gets put on the final product. The difference is significant enough that my first instinct is to repaint the thing, or at least add some touches of highlights, shadows, and details to it. There is no detail on the face. The five o’clock shadow is completely absent. The jeans are just a solid color. Really, all the stuff that makes a great paint job are absent. It’s not terrible, but it is disappointing.

the paint job as delivered

The other thing that I noticed almost immediately is that the wand has a noticeable bend in it. Not sure that is fixable without breaking it and resetting it. Anyway, those are the bad bits. The good bit is that, well, somebody made a Harry Dresden collectible statue. That itself is so cool. Let’s look at the features highlighted on the Hamilton Collection page.

Bring home the world’s only wizard private investigator from Jim Butcher’s bestselling series, “The Dresden Files” with the Harry Dresden Wizard for Hire Sculpture, a first-ever limited-edition sculpture inspired by the amazing book cover art by Chris McGrath, available ONLY from The Hamilton Collection

I’m going to say that while it may be inspired by the cover art work of Chris McGrath, this is not based on anything that I’ve seen to this point. Perhaps the hat. Did I mention that you can choose to get the hat version or the no hat version of this statue? You can. Obviously, I went with the hat. Which does make it much more like the book covers. Harry doesn’t so much wear a hat in the books, just on the covers.

Officially licensed
This handcrafted and hand-painted sculpture captures our gruff hero poised to take on and defend himself from dark forces, with his “blasting rod” in hand, used to focus his evocation magic

I assume it’s officially licensed, but I don’t know that you could make and market this without some sort of license. I mean, copyright and all that stuff. I already mentioned that my wand has a noticeable bend in it. Kind of a bummer.

His trusty staff features a pure crystalline flame that “burns” with brilliantly-infused color and runes that glow in the dark.

The flames are translucent orange and look very good. The runes on the staff and wand are supposed to glow in the dark, but I haven’t checked and probably don’t care. They don’t look all that great on my paint job, they’re too thick and too big to match the scale.

Harry Dresden’s jewelry gleams with metallic tones, including his deceased mother’s silver pentacle amulet around his neck and his enchanted bracelet that projects a physical and magical shield.

I don’t know about the jewelry gleaming, it’s more like silver-metallic paint and doesn’t really pass mustard when it comes to “gleaming”, though the bracelet does have both silver and copper tones.

Edition limited to 95 casting days. Hand-numbered with matching Certificate of Authenticity. Measures 11″ H; 27.9 cm H

I think I’m looking at No. 0306 for mine, but the writing isn’t great. What do you think, is that a three? At 11″ high, I’m not sure what scale this statue is in. It’s larger than the ArtFX+ stuff I have, which is 1:10 scale, but is significantly smaller than any of my 1:6 scale statues. Size-wise it lines up more with the pvc statue of Ciri I have from the Witcher. But even then, Harry is supposed to be pretty tall (I don’t remember how tall, exactly) and it might be a little small for that scale. It doesn’t match any of my other stuff, for scale, and I guess that doesn’t really matter. At least he fits on my bookshelf.