A Little Something

If you have seen the boxed set of 8 D&D mini notebooks… well, I want you to know just how small they are. They are mini. So small in fact as to basically be useless. They’re front shirt pocket small. I’d give you the dimensions, but that won’t really tell you anything. Let me show you a picture. You can see how it compares to a small notebook and my mouse.

just slightly bigger than my mouse’s footprint

This officially licensed 8-notebook boxed set with red foil stamping and spot gloss on the slipcase features some of the most iconic beasts and creatures of Dungeons & Dragons. It’s perfect for notetaking and world-building, a must-have gift for D&D players as well as RPG, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror lovers.

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You get 8 notebooks–2 graph paper, 2 dotted paper, 2 lined paper, and 2 blank paper–they seem like they’re decent quality, but damn are they small. I should have paid more attention to the description. I’m going to guess that, given their size, they will be useless to me for anything other than a bit of memorabilia from the great, second renaissance of D&D.

Speaking of which… Here are a couple other products coming out in April that I think would be neat to have. You know, if you’re looking to buy me something 😉

d12 mug
d20 light

Never would I have guessed, given the reception D&D 4th edition received, that they would publish a 5th edition and it would see this level of adoption and success. And that after a lifetime of being involved in the hobby, that I would drop out and miss this moment that will probably never come again. People. I have some regrets.