And Yet Even More Snow

It’s been snowing all day. They’re saying maybe as much as another eight inches by Monday morning.
Yesterday, I had to buy a new tire for the car. Then we went shopping at the mall… just getting into the mall took probably 15-20 minutes. It was very busy. But all my shopping is done, with the sole exception of buying gifts for Tasha, but I can’t very well do that with her being there. I’ll do that Monday or Tuesday. We finalized the Christmas plan and it looks a little bit like this; Wednesday night grab the dog and head east after work. We’ll probably get a hotel room and leave the dog with T’s mom. Then Christmas morning we’ll have breakfast with my folks and then dinner with Tasha’s people. After which I’ll head home so I can work on Friday. Tasha may or may not stay on that side of the state for the weekend. If she does I’ll head back out Saturday morning to be with her, but that’s undecided at this point.
Today I watched the Lions make history (0-14) and Tasha went shopping for my gift. I’ve got nothing else at this point. Later.

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