I’ve been going through some of my old Corel files that I can once again open now that I have a valid copy of their software. Just opening each and saving them again in the most recent file format, so that I don’t get into trouble again… I have an entire folder full of stuff I did in CorelDraw or CorelPaint 3 that are either corrupted or so old they’re unopenable, but that’s neither here nor there.
Here is one that I like. It’s a collage of pieces from artists that are not me. It is an attempt to duplicate for my D&D campaign, a piece of artwork from the Player’s Handbook that I liked. These are the races that I choose to populate the Baenrahl setting on the world of Kirrac.
The dinosaur fellow on the left is a lacertilian, inspired by the Jurassic Park movies. Then you have a regular ol’ human, because you have to include a control group in any fantasy setting. Behind him is a minotaur, straight out of Greek mythology, but slightly less monstrous and beastial. The little rat in the middle, the one that looks like Splinter from TMNT, is a muirhaut. A denwar, i.e. a dwarf. The dapper fellow behind him and having a stare-down with the minotaur is a giakahn, which is the most advanced of the three giak races. Next is an elf, I mean an aeldor, same difference. And on the far left is one of the bird-like kestrel. I’m not sure why, other than that I probably couldn’t find a picture I liked, but the insectoid skyreen is missing from the picture. So now you have an idea of what to expect to read about over at baenrahl.com.
Speaking of Baenrahl, here is a size comparison between the world of Kirrac and our own Earth. Apparently, there’s a lot more of it than was presented on the┬áJovan Dorr map.
And lastly, here is a faux book cover that I think is pretty good. I like it. Only it looks like I was playing with the title, everything else I have says Sitting Duct.
Setting Duct
I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my old stuff.

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