Big Bombs Over Iraq

So I was talking with a co-worker about the actions in Iraq today and while I said this all with tongue firmly in-cheek. I still think it deserves being repeated here, as there is more truth to this than not.

So we’re dropping big bombs on the nutjobs in Iraq that don’t want to have a stable country ruled by their own people. That has lead to a discussion over whether this is war or not. I say, it’s not war because we have no proof that we are fighting any kind of organized party involved, and for it to be war there has to be some organization amongst the stupid fuckers on the other side. I say its plain and simple terrorism. We want to set up the government and get out. Their bullshit is causing us to stay longer. So I say we stop pussyfooting around and just do the job we came to do. Thus I suggest that if we drop a lot of bombs we win on all fronts.

1. We kill the fucking jack-holes that are shooting our troops and making everything far more difficult than it needs to be.
2. We use up all those crappy old bombs we’ve got stored in army bases all over the country.
3. We put more americans to work building new bombs, there by increasing the american workforce and strengthening the economy.
4. We give the media something to talk about, giving a bunch of whinning, prissy fuck-wads jobs, which by default will further strengthening the economy.
5. We show all the other jack-hole countries in the world that we don’t need their shit, and that we take care of our own messes.

As you can see, it’s a win win win situation. Go bomb droppers!

There’s my 2 cents. Later.