Bits and Bites

My half-hour guitar practice went for an hour-and-a-half last night and I really enjoyed it. Then we ate pizza and watched a couple hours of The Witcher, which was more than intended, but what-the-hell. I didn’t get any writing done, but I did get a blog post up before I started my guitar practice. The night before I did less practice, less TV, and added a touch more than 1,000 words to “And Don’t Come Back…”. I’m feeling more productive and less lay-about. Which is a good thing and I’m hoping to keep things going in this direction.

One thing I forgot to mention in my Roomba Review post yesterday, is that neither the dog nor the cat are bothered by the little robot vacuum. Initially, the cat followed it around and watched it from on high, but the dog never cared. Which is odd, because he barks every time we get the upright vacuum out. I had read that some of the earlier models had a whine that the animals didn’t like, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue with the i7+ model. I sometimes suspect that the cat is pushing toys in front of the robot, but I’ve never caught her doing so.

I’m feeling crowded here in the office of late. There’s too much stuff in here that doesn’t have a place or belong in here. I may have to clean thing up a bit this weekend. I’ve got the guitar and amp in a corner, the guitar case is on my desk, the box with the replacement dining room chairs are here, cat bed, dog bed, tonight I brought a music stand in here, and that doesn’t even touch on the clutter on my desk. I just need to clear some room, or maybe just spend less time in here.

I splurged on a three pack bundle for The Sims 4: Seasons expansion pack, Vampires game pack, and the Backyard stuff pack. And if I’m being honest, it almost immediately made things less fun. Of course some of that may have to do with the changes I made to my current “family” in the game. Whatever the case, I’ve set it aside in favor of all the other things I’m doing. That’s probably a good thing. Besides, it’s not going anywhere. It’ll still be on the computer if I suddenly feel the urge to jump back in.

I’ve got nothing else on my mind. Let’s call that a post and go see what Geralt is up to. Later.