Blog Post Scramble

Today’s post is not any sort of unified whole, it’s more a breakfast scramble of assorted things that I’ve come up with. Lets break some eggs.

Yesterday I made a mistake. I didn’t mow the lawn until late and I decided to just do the side and back yards, saving the front yard for today. The mistake being, not just finishing the job. It’s been raining all morning and looks like it’s going to be a wet day. I should have just done the work. My bad.

Lady Ronn has started a project in her video class, she is working on a short documentary/interview of yours truly. I don’t know what her time frame is, but I imagine I’ll have something to share with you in a week or two. I believe I’ll be doing the interview portion of the filming today. Should be interesting stuff.

My new debit card arrived last week, and while that’s not really news worthy, it’s got an amazing little bit of technology built into it. No, not the chip. I’ve had chips in cards for years. This new debit card has a tiny three digit LCD screen where the security code usually is and those three digits change every 4-hours. That’s awesome. I don’t know how they get a lithium battery in there, but they do. I’ll be curious to see how long the battery lasts. It might be annoying to change cards every 6-months or whatever, again, I don’t know how long it lasts, but it is super cool. Definitely more secure.

I was going to put up a first day of autumn post on the 23rd. But I didn’t. So welcome to Fall. The summer is over. I hope you didn’t miss out on it, because come January you’re going to be begging for the warmth of Summer. For now, I give you color changing leaves, raking the lawn, digging out your jackets, and pumpkin spice everything. Oh, and Halloween is just over a month away. Last week I saw a couple of the home centers setting up Christmas displays, so all that Halloween stuff should be on clearance right quick.

Go Lions!

I watched Barry on HBO. The first season was really good. I was much less impressed with the second season, to the point where I don’t care if they make a season three. Last night we started watching Chernobyl, seems pretty good so far. We’re two episodes in. Also, watched The Favourite and wasn’t impressed. There was a run on HBO content, as I was going to change the Xfinity plan and we were going to lose HBO, but I decided the extra speed vs. HBO package wasn’t the way to go. I don’t need superfast internet, because I don’t do anything that would require it. So I canceled the appointment and the changes. I’ll keep the premium channel and just take the speed bump that Comcast just did for everyone on their network.