Clear Cut

I came home and found that the tree work has been completed, the fence is back up and I have a new corner garden space.

You can see in the picture below that all the trees are gone. It really exposes how much damage has been done to the fences over the years, and repairing them will be a project unto itself. In addition to the trees, my neighbor lost a grape vine that was growing on the fence between us. That grape vine used to hide all those red landscape blocks that I tore out and didn’t know what to do with. The arborist’s crew took those blocks and made a little garden area in the back corner of the yard, which is as good a use for them as I could come up with. Although, that is the corner I plan on putting my deck in, so not sure how long they’ll stay there.

Lady Ronn say’s that the vine will be back next year, but I think I’d be just as happy if that didn’t happen.

In addition to the bricks in the corner, the tree crew did some fill and seed in my yard, though they did leave a branch buried deep enough in my lawn that I’m going to need a shovel to dig it out before it becomes a tree. I’m pretty happy with the work they’ve done both times they’ve been here. I do wish the neighbor would grind out the stumps, but maybe that’s already on their to-do list.

quite a big change