Consider Me Avenged

Now that Endgame is available to rent, I’ve seen it. I know. I know. I’ve heard it all already. But you can pry my card from my cold, dead hand. I can’t be bothered to pay movie ticket prices to drive to the theater, sit with a crowd, and watch an overly loud movie. Damn. That makes me sound old. But whatever, my TV is plenty big, I have complete control over the volume, and I can’t remember the last movie that I just absolutely had to see the day it came out. The Marvel movies are no exception. But I hear a lot of people have seen these movies, so I figured I’d check them out.

Lady Ronn and I had a bit of a movie marathon on Saturday. We watched both parts of the latest Avengers assemblage. That’s more than five and a half hours of sitting in front of the TV, but I did it. Pizza was involved.

part one or part three?

I was going to recap what I said before about this movie, but I couldn’t find a post about it. Did I not give my review of this movie? That seems unlikely, but apparently is the case. So here is my completely fresh take on a movie from April of last year.

You’ve all seen it. You don’t need me to recap it. My big take away from the movie was that I liked it more the second time around than I did the first time. This could be because the hype is further away, and I admit to having a negative bias to movies that get hyped like these two did, or it could be that I saw more in it than I did the first time. There were a surprising number of things that I either did not catch on the first viewing or simple didn’t remember. Whatever the case, I enjoyed watching it more the second time than I did the first. I still think that the invasion of earth and subsequent battle suffers from a issue of scale. I don’t buy the idea that Waconda is so isolated, hidden, and technically advanced that every other government on the planet ignored the big battleships flying in from space and attacking the jungle. I think this was handled better in the second movie, but I would personally like to see these heroes incorporated into the real world a bit more. This could be due to my recent viewing of the Amazon series of The Boys. After watching it again, I’d give this a solid four stars. It was good.

the next part

I must confess that I do not think that a 50% population loss would have the result that this movie portrays. I think that some things would be worse and some things would be better than portrayed. And five years later… well, I hope we’d be better at picking ourselves up and moving forward.

A bit of quick bit of unnecessary research tells me that the population of the USA is about 329 million. Since we see almost nothing of the rest of the world, I’m ignoring it. So we would lose half that and put us at a population of 164.5 million, or roughly the population of 1954. Five years later, using historical numbers, would put the US population at right about 178 million. Just seems unlikely that we’d be in some sort of Mad Max situation. Anyway, back to my impressions of the movie.

I was pretty sure that this was going to be the end of the line for most of the original heroes. They’ve been doing this Marvel Universe thing for 10-years and while the movies all make big bucks, the big three are all getting fat cash. So I was not surprised to see Captain America and Ironman written out. I’m surprised Thor will be back. Really, I figured this would be the changing of the guard.

At the halfway point, I was still wondering how they were going to right-set their universe. Their solution was not terrible. I enjoyed the execution of things.

I was underwhelmed by the amount of screentime and roll that Captain Marvel played. But I guess that she’s Superman-level stuff, she could pretty easily make the rest of the heroes irrelevant. Scarlet Witch is another one that seems to have a pretty high power level. Hey, as long as were talking power levels… Black Widow has no powers, right. I mean I looked it up. Nothing. She holds her own pretty well for just being a karate-knowing, glow stick-using spy-lady. Maybe there’s more to it that I’m missing. But then, I think these movies don’t do enough to show the various power levels among the characters.

Anyway, I liked it. Favorite movie ever? No. But it was a good wrap up of the first 10-years of Marvel movies. I’d give this one four stars and say that it’s probably better than part one, but I’ve only seen this once.

So there you have it, my impressions of the latest Avengers movies. Do with that what you will. Later.