Controlled Descent

Lots of stuff going on right now. Trying to finish the drywall in the basement, the garage is a total wreck, Menard’s didn’t deliver this morning (but they’re coming tomorrow… which wrecks my plans), I’ve got an electrician coming on Thursday, a growing pile of hobby stuff growing on my desk, I’ve been neglecting my guitar, work is a chaotic mess, the wife is out of school, the bills keep rolling in, my vacation/PTO time is steadily dwindling, and I’ve got this webpage thing that I haven’t given much attention too. I’m feeling stretched and possibly over extended. It’s all my fault, but that doesn’t change the feelings.

At this point it all feels like a controlled descent into an organizational quagmire. I only need three things to get me back on track: more time, more money, and more energy.

After letting the old lawn service go after last year, I’m going to give TruGreen a shot this year. They did a nice job on my neighbors lawn last summer.

The new lawn mower works nicely, but seems to cut very short even on the highest settings. I’ve been bagging the clippings and that’s been different. The riding mower does leave me with more areas to weed whack, but otherwise I’m happy with it. It only uses about half a charge to do the whole yard.

I need to finish the landscaping along side the patio and around the privacy fence before that area becomes infested with weeds and what not. But I honestly don’t know what I’m supposed to do with all the dirt that will be coming out of that area. It’ll be three or four wheel barrels worth. I don’t have any place in my yard that needs filling or that would be a good spot to dump it. Which is the same dilemma that has kept me from clearing the grass out of the area where I want to build a shed.

There’s not much to this post, just venting a bit. Sorry for that. Also, I intended to put up a May 4th Star Wars post, but I became distracted. So here’s a belated Star Wars thing I pulled from some corner of the internet. Later.