Cooling Things Down

I broke down and turned on the air conditioning yesterday. Looking at the weather page for yesterday says that we hit 84 degrees, but I seem to remember the outdoor reading being higher than that on the thermostat. And when the thermostat in the house hit 89, well, that was too much. I broke down and turned on the AC. Today, we hit 89… so, yeah. Summer has come to my neighborhood early.

Today, I received both my first and second legitimate air conditioning service calls. I had one last week, but that was a service disconnect that needed to be turned on, that doesn’t really count. The two I received today were legit, somethings broken calls. Of course they both came in in the afternoon, both in Lansing, and I could only get to one of them. And the one I went too, what with the covid stay at home orders, there was no one on the second floor to let me onto the roof. Don’t it just figure. Needless to say, I’ll be running the same two calls tomorrow. Along with another, lighting call, I scheduled last week.

When it rains it pours.

We tried to get over the heat by getting out the electric power washer we bought last year and cleaning the back patio. First time using it and I was a bit disappointed with the initial impressions. I was ready to write it off as a waste of $140. It was very inconsistent and spitty. But once it was placed on a nice level surface it performed a lot better. Apparently, it being level and upright is very important. In the end it worked pretty well.

it didn’t look that dirty… amazing change
level and upright is important
amazon deal of the day from last year some time

However, the o-ring on the handle failed when Lady Ronn went to use it today to finish the job. I’ll need to pick up an o-ring kit at the hardware store to get it working again. Or rather, to keep it from spraying water all over the user. Annoying, but not a terrible setback. Here is some pressure washer porn… that’s a thing I’ve heard pics like this called on other websites. Later