DAS Clay

I put it half a day of work today and a full day yesterday. Today, I spent the morning snaking out a nasty-ass sink drain and getting quite messy. It wasn’t great.

This afternoon I dug out some DAS Modelling clay out of my craft supplies and started making stalagmites for the cave diorama. I haven’t done much with clay of any variety. I’m sure there were some school projects with regular old clay, Silly Putty was a thing as a child, and I used the Sculpey bake-to-harden stuff when I made that 3d map a few years back, but this is the first time I’ve used air dry clay for anything. The working time on this DAS Clay is very short. I’m making simple shapes and doing it pretty quickly and this stuff is becoming uncooperative in just that short a period of time.

DAS Modelling clay

As I write this I’m checking the package directions and it does mention using wet hands, so maybe working it with water would extend the working time. The other thing that I was disappointed by, was that it doesn’t have any tack or stickiness to it… I mean, it sticks to my fingers when I pull it out of the package, but it doesn’t stick to the foam or to the wooden skewers at all. I used white glue on it before it has cured. We’ll see how that holds up. And one other thing, it seems to be developing cracks as it dries… not sure that is a good thing.

I’m not sure this is a ringing endorsement for DAS Clay, but I also haven’t done much with it or done any research on air dry clays in general. I may be doing something wrong.

stalagmites, modelling clay, and drywall mud

You can see in the picture that I’ve coated parts of the foam with something white. That white stuff is drywall mud. I just smeared it on and then spread it about with fingers, popsicle sticks, and a cheap brush. I’m not done. There are parts that are still uncoated and I want to put another coat over the whole thing. I’m thinking that two coats should hide most of the stuff I’m trying to hide.

hey, there’s a rickety old bridge there… how’d I miss that

Well, that’s an update for you and, I guess, a warning about air dry clay. Later.