Dead Air

I’ve just spent hours working on podcasting stuff without actually creating anything. It’s very frustrating. Even more frustrating is that, twice now, I’ve recorded some stuff, only to play it back and have it full of crackle and static. Seems to be cable related, but I may have to start recording with headphones, because there is no indication that it’s occurring during recording. This would be a really good way to lose good content. I think I’ve got headphones around here somewhere, but finding them may be a thing.

I’m going to get something put together over the next few days. I want to have a 30-minute arohenRADIO podcast and something new for arohenTV ready to go next week. That seems doable. I should be able to do that. So let’s say video on Thursday and podcast on Tuesday. That’ll be the plan/goal. I’m trying to get this trio of vanity projects (blog/podcast/vlog) organized. I’ve been over thinking all of it. I’m going to go with quantity over quality for the moment. I’ll throw everything at the wall and see if anything sticks, learn some lessons, and decide which parts I really enjoy doing and which parts are just too much.

In school news, both of my final exams were posted tonight on Blackboard. They’re both open book online tests, so there shouldn’t be to much stress around getting those done. And as an added bonus, here are a couple of things Lady Ronn has put together in her photography classes; she’s starting to learn photoshop and I think she’s doing well. The school must think she’s doing well too, because they keep putting her work up in the halls.

zipping through traffic
playing with himself