Entertaining? Perhaps.

I’ve bee asked to make this entertaining. Apparently my last few posts have not been. For that, I am well and truely sorry. I apologize and will try to do better in the future. Although, in my defense, my life is only so interesting and far less entertaining.

Let’s get you caught up. After all, it’s been a few days since you heard from me and I know you’re wondering what I’ve been up to.

Wednesday, or was it Tuesday, whatever, who really cares what day it was, Tasha received notice that the 16th would be the last day for her contract house. So she’ll be out of work and free to move her ass out to Grand Rapids and into my little slice of heaven on Emerald Lake (apparently that’s the name of my pond. No really, it says so on the map they gave me). So I imagine she’ll be doing just that sometime around the weekend of the 18th or 25th… not sure which just yet. Anybody wanna help move? No! I didn’t think so. Damn.

Thursday night Tasha came out after work and we picked up some pizza and just sorta chilled out on the patio. Did I mention that they added water to my lake? Well, they did. It’s still down a foot or so, but you can’t see the mud any longer and most of the rain water drainage pipes are underwater now. I say they added water, but they may not have had a choice. We got clobbered with heavy rain Wednesday evening and I imagine that Swan Lake (yeah, I know… I didn’t name the damn thing) which is the larger lake on the property probably would have overrun its banks if it didn’t flow off into my lake. So maybe they opened the damn, or maybe the water just poured over it… I don’t know which, but I’ll ask when I’m at the office tomorrow. Whatever the case, I’ve got a lot less mud and a lot more water, which is a good thing.

Friday we rolled out of bed late and went for some luncha at Bennigan’s, which has closed their 28th street location even as I write this. Too bad. I like the occasional meal at Bennigan’s. We came home, walked the dog and then headed off to an Independence Day party I’d been invited to in Rockford. One of my bank managers and the security guard at that branch invited me knowing that I really know no-one in the area. It was a nice gesture, but… on the way there Tasha proceded to ask me a series of questions about the party that I could only answer with a shrug of uncertainty; things like, who’s house is it, will the people who invited you be there, will you know anybody there, who else will be there. Needless to say, I was taking her into a lions den of strangers and while I was seemingly okay with that, she was a tad-bit nervous. We drove out there and I must confess, the closer we got the more uncertain I became about the idea of spending 6- or 8-hours with a bunch of strangers. When we found the street and drove up towards the house, but couldn’t find a place to park because of the horde of cars, I was done. Cold feet. Can’t do it. Sorry. Gotta go. So we left there and went to our own little party at the Kentwood fireworks, because I’m a chicken. The Kentwood fireworks were okay, but I think we would have been more impressed had we gone downtown on the river as we talked about. Oh well, we’ll know better next year. Of course we nearly missed the whole thing becasue, well, simply put, I never should have introduced Tasha to The Sims 2. I’m just saying. For real.

Saturday we grabbed some breakfast and then headed back to the east side of the state with the intention of letting me get my motorcycle. I tried to explain to Tasha all the way there that I just don’t think. Period. End of story. No thoughts about things here. I don’t think she bought it, but it made for… well, it made for conversation on the drive back. I grabbed the bike from my brother’s and visited with him for a few short minutes. He invited me to my nephews birthday party on Sunday, forewarning me that there’d probably be a lot of people I didn’t know there… As if he knew about the night before, strange. And then I left and went to Tasha’s, happy to be on my bike and enjoying the wind in my face. Tasha made dinner and we ate and then watched Live Free Or Die Hard. Which was a better movie than I was really expecting.

Sunday we slept until noon, Tasha made pancakes and sausage, and then we decided to go for a ride. We headed up to 26-mile and then just kinda kept going. At some point we saw a girl on the back of a motorcycle who’s shirt was, well, it was off. Around her waist and she didn’t seem to care. Motorcycle people are crazy. Anyway, we kept going, drove thru China, and eventually found ourselves in Marine City on Lake Saint Clair. So we stopped for some dinner, watched the ferry’s go back and forth, and walk along the shore for a bit before we headed back through China and onward to her place. I stopped long enough to clean my visor and strap myself into gloves and jacket before heading out on the long ride home. I was pretty much on the bike from 3:30 until 9:30 with just a couple stops. That’s a lot of riding around and mostly I felt it in my ass. My poor, sore ass. But now my bike is out here and it fits in the car port right next to my car. It’s tight, but it works. It was a good day for riding, and hell, we got to see a little bit of China. So that’s something.

Today was Monday, with all that Monday’s entail. Tonight I had dinner with my buddy Doug and his wife, Tara, who were out here buying furniture for the business that Doug’s helping get started. We went to Logan’s if’n you care. I showed them my place and they deemed it passing fare. Though I must confess it was not in what I would consider visitable condition. And now I’m writing a little blog post and drinking the beer that I bought for the party I didn’t actually make it to on Friday to bring my night to a close.

Did you notice that some older blog posts have started showing up in the archive? Well they have. I’m not going to promise how fast they’ll be added, because I’m doing them by hand at this point, but they’ll be added as quickly as I can bring myself to adde them. Soon you’ll be able to read about my divorce, my novel, my job at MCI, and all the other good stuff that I wrote about between 2003 and 2006… I like to think of it as the golden age of my blog. Anyway, I’ll add them as I add ’em. Read them if’n you’d like.

If it wasn’t dark already I’d take some pictures of my less empty lake. Ah well, perhaps tomorrow. I think that’ll do it for tonight. Later.