I’ve been struggling to find motivation and direction since the work dried up last Thursday. I’ve been keeping to my sleep/wake schedule, but there seems to be a lot of sitting and doing nothing going on around these parts. Television and the internet seem to be sucking away large parts of the day. I keep starting things, deciding they’re pointless or ridiculous, and then starting other things… Rinse and repeat. I did fiddle around a bit with the website, but even that is just cosmetic. Sigh.

So, in order to kick myself into motion a bit, I made dinner last night. This morning I started off looking for my old hair trimmer and ended up emptying out the hall closet. I sorted the sheets, towels, and bathroom supplies. Some of it went back in, some of it is in the “to be donated” pile, and some of it will end up on the curb tonight. Also, we watched the live action Aladdin while we ate lunch… makes for a long lunch.

That was my Easter festivities. Still didn’t find my hair trimmer. Still need a haircut. Later.