I already showed you how I did on my final exams, but now the final grades for the 2019 Winter semester have been posted. I think I did pretty well. I passed. The grade point didn’t suffer. I have no complaints on that score. I have complaints, but my grades would not be amongst them. Here’s the report card.

Class Grades – 2019 Winter 
Class  Description  Units  Grading  Grade  Grade Points
HVA 250  Basic Boiler Operation  3.00  Graded  A 12.000
HVA 276  Adv Air Cond Refrig & Heating  3.00  Graded  A  12.000

And with that, I am finished with the HVAC portion of the degree program. I could get a certificate at this point, but I already have the one I received from Northwestern Technological Institute and I don’t think having two certificates in the same field  is particularly impressive. In fact, it might be taken as an indication that a particular individual might be either a bit slow or rather forgetful. No thank you. I’ll take this last science class and walk away with my associates degree.