So, I had my second guitar lesson tonight and I was told that I already sound better than I did in the first lesson. Which is good, being as I had 7-days of practice between the two lessons. I targeted for 20-30 minutes of practice a day, and I did way better than that. I practiced everyday and the practice times ran from 40 to 90 minutes. In fact, there was only one day that I wasn’t feeling it, and that had more to do with my back than with the guitar.

I’m practicing in my office chair and it’s not good. First, it has arms, so I have to sit weirdly sideways. Second, its too low and it wants to roll around the office if I move to suddenly. Thirdly, this guitar is a bitch to hold in my lap. My old guitar was a ‘strat’ style guitar and I don’t remember having this issue. This new Les Paul style guitar feels bottom heavy and I can’t find a comfortable position for it while sitting. The cord plugs in right where I’m inclined to balance it on my leg and it feels like I’m going to drop it on the floor if I tilt it into any sort of upright position. I find that I’m sitting with the neck pointing down and I’m hunched over the thing. Which is not an ideal position to try and read what I’m supposed to be playing. Maybe if I put the book on the ground?! I’m not doing that.

My boss reminded me that Guitar Center has a great return policy and that I might want to take it back and try something different. That’s a possibility, but I’m not there yet. Today, I sat on my little couch. It doesn’t have arms, but it’s a bit low. I may have to either steal a chair from the dining room or bring up a folding chair from the basement. I’m going to try those things before I go the route of changing the guitar.

My lesson today moved into 3/4 time and added 1/2 notes to my exercises and 1/8 notes are coming next week and I still don’t have a good grasp of keeping track of my timing. It’s a lot of new. I have NO musical background. There was a discussion again about tablature vs reading music. Lady Ronn thinks it’s dumb to not learn to read music and thinks I need a metronome. My instructor doesn’t disagree with her, but doesn’t think we’re in a place where either thing is necessary quite yet. But he did get noticeably interested at the idea of teaching me to read music. Probably that’ll end up being a thing.

A half-hour goes by in a flash, but it was good. All my practice went out the window as soon as I was playing in front of an audience, but like I said, he heard noticeable improvement. Or at least that’s what he said. Sounded like a train wreck to me and I thought I had these four exercises down. But I’m learning something new. I’m not discouraged. I’m still having fun. And I’m already ahead of where I was back in 1988.

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