Here Comes 2004

Since New Year is approaching, it’s time for some resolutions. You know stuff like promising to do some upgrades on or promising more regular updates. Well those things I can’t promise, though they would be nice. But the coming New Year got me to thinking about how we got started with this whole resolution thing.
So I did some research on New Year’s Resolutions, not much, okay I found this on the first site I checked. It seems that we have the Babylonians to blame for this crazy practice. Apparently, they started celebrating New Years Day over 4,000 years ago. Of course they celebrated in March rather than January, so that it coincided with the spring planting of crops.
The start of a new year is, and apparently has always been, a time for looking back to upon the past year, forward to the coming year, and generally reflecting on life. It’s a time to reflect on the changes we want, or need, if we are to have the motivation to move forward. I think it’s safe to say that resolutions are a reflection of the Babylonians’ belief that what a person does on the first day of the New Year will have an effect throughout the entire year.
So for starters in 2004 I resolve to improve my body. You know the whole excersise, get in shape, lose weight thing. Now I’m not talking about massive changes. I’d like to get back to 220 pounds, I’m at 270 now. I figure this is doable. The plan is to do some daily morning calisthenics, moderate the amount of food I eat (No More Soda), and generally be more active.
I resolve to start saving some money in 2004. Open a savings account and put something in it each paycheck, I’m thinking $50.00 is a good target number. As I get older, I start to worry that the only savings that I have is the money in my 401k.
I resolve in 2004 to buy a house. I keep telling Tasha that I want to have our Fourth of July barbeque in our new backyard. That may be a hard goal to reach, but I think we can definately do the winter holidays in our new house next year.
So those are my general resolutions, the ones I know I should do; the ones that I think are needed. But there is one other resolution that I keep promising myself. The one resolution that I keep putting off year after year. It’s almost two resolutions in one, but they’re so closely linked that I think of them as a single resolution. This is the big one.
In 2004 I resolve to write every day. I am setting the bar at 1,500 words a day. I plan to complete the `BlackMoon Project’ that I started for NaNoWriMo 2003. This resolution also means finishing the revisions on and expanding A Difficult Dinner to a 90,000 word novel and sending it out. In short, I will have at least one rejection letter this year from a legitimate publisher.
So there you have it. Those are my resolutions for 2004. Feel free to call me out on any, or all, of them.