Heroes, Angels, and Demons

I have just finished a couple of TV series and I thought I would share with you my thoughts and opinions on both.


Last night I finished the first season of the new Watchmen series on HBO. First, let me say that I have never read the Watchmen comics and that the entirety of my Watchman knowledge comes from the 2009 movie. A movie that I don’t remember being particularly impressed by or, if I’m being honest, that I don’t really remember much about. It was that kind of movie. This television series though, was pretty good. Smartly written. Well acted. good production values. And most importantly, it kept me interested throughout. All the racism/white supremacy stuff bothers me quite a bit and makes me wonder why people believe such nonsense, but it worked within the story and those people should definitely be the villains. I can get past my issues for a good story. I’m hoping that they will move a little further away from the original comic book characters and go in their own direction, and I think they will now that we’ve been introduced to the new crew. i’m looking forward to that. I also enjoy this alternate timeline that they have created for the world. I don’t want to say it’s the greatest thing ever put on screen, but it was pretty good. I’m looking forward to the story continuing in season two.


Lucifer is the other series I just finished. Oh Lucifer… Lucifer… Lucifer… What am I going to do with this show. Netflix has picked it up and made it one of their own. It’s based on Neil Gaimen’s work. But it’s not smart writing. Not really even good writing. The murders are both bland and uninteresting. The characters have very little nuance. And the story isn’t all that great. But there is just something about this show that kept me watching. Perhaps it’s the mythology of the whole thing or Tom Ellis’ charm, I don’t know. This show is part of the DC comics TV universe, but through the first 4 seasons, you’d never know it. This show is the kind of guilty pleasure that has lots of potential, but never really takes advantage of it. The tone of the show changes along with the writers for each season and the number of episodes each season is all over the place. I have high hopes for the show being a Netflix original for season 5, mostly because I liked what they did with season 4. I liked the Cain storyline and the goddess of creation story was okay, but the whole dad and mom stuff makes me cringe. I’ll definitely be watching when season 5 comes out, but I’m just not exactly sure why. I’m conflicted.

Not sure what will be next on the watch list, maybe the latest season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel or possibly Broadchurch. We’ve been waiting for the first and there’s a co-worker of Lady Ronn’s who is insisting we watch the other. We’ll see. I’ve been working my way through season 1 of American Gods, which was a Black Friday impulse purchase, and liking it thus far. I’m only halfway through, so I’ll say more when I’m done. As an addendum, I gotta say, I’m not watching Disney+ at all and haven’t watched Hulu since Handmaids Tale S3 ended.