I Was Off To A Good Start

Left work yesterday and hit the keyboard as soon as I got home. I had my glass of ice water and a drive to get some writing done, I was hoping for 4,000 words. I went back to the part of chapter 11 where I pulled the 8,000 words out the other night and started pounding the keys. I managed to crank out 2,000 words before the wife came home. I talked with her and stuff, then went back to the writing while she made dinner. Then I had to stop to eat. Then the kids wanted someone to drive their friend home. By the time I got back I was pretty much out of the zone. I managed to push out another 500 words, giving me a total for the night of just over 2,500 words and pushing the manuscript up over 78,000 words. It was a good night, but I was hoping for more. I’ll try it again tonight.