Impulse Purchase – A Sword

I have a corner in my book closet that I want to decorate with a sword. I used to have a really nice rapier and main gauche that would have almost worked. But the problem with a rapier is the guard is very deep and pushes the whole thing quite far out from the wall. Besides, I gave that sword to the oldest boy and don’t have it anymore. So, I’ve been looking for something, off and on, for a while now. I’ve considered cheap, wall-hanger swords with no real functionality. I looked at the Lord of the Rings swords, which are very nice, but too iconic and recognizable. Heck, I even considered making a sword. Still might. That would be very cool, but would involve new tools and probably a considerable amount of time. I’ve looked at some really nice swords that cost $700 or more, so much more, but that seems crazy given my budget and the use I’ll be putting this sword to. It’ll hang on the wall. A wall-hanger will be fine and you can get one for $50, but they look so cheap.

Rather than make a sword, buy a hand forged one of a kind, or pick up a cheap wall-hanger, after a lot of browsing Amazon and Kult of Athena I decided to go with something on the lower end of functional swords. This one is tough enough to handle a bit of cut and thrust, but not so elaborate or well crafted to break the bank. Besides, It’s my birthday and I can buy what I want for myself.

I’ve read reviews saying that this is a $450 sword and that anything below that is a bargain. If that is true, then I got a really good bargain from Amazon. Aw shit, I paid $270 for a damn sword I have no real use for. I’m an idiot. But it is pretty cool, if I say so myself. Here’s the Amazon link if you want to see more.

  • The Italian Long Sword is designed so that the blade and balance slightly favor the thrust, while still being capable of delivering astonishingly effective cuts.
  • Steel: 1060 Carbon – Is a high-carbon, cold rolled steel containing approximately 0. 50% carbon that can be hardened by heat treatment to a maximum hardness of approximately Rockwell C 58.
  • Leather / Wood Scabbard with Steel Fittings

I’m going to build a little sword hanger and get it put up this weekend. Happy birthday to me.

Italian Long Sword by Cold Steel
it’s going here
like this, but better