A very long time ago, I was inspired by Magnum P.I. to come up with my own private detective. But I couldn’t just have a guy with a Ferrari who lived in Hawaii… that’d be a blatant rip off. So I came up with a guy with a… I think that’s a Honda NSX, but it’s not a good drawing, who lived in south Florida. I called him Jed Fire P.I. and I drew this. It’s very hard to read, but I think it’s dated 4/91.
Fast forward twenty-two years and just for fun I decided to make some covers for the Jed Fire books that never were and will probably never be. In 1991, I was all about Dungeons & Dragons and I’ve always had a fondness for the corvette. So I decided to have some fun with both. I present to you the Jed Fire, P.I. series of book covers.
ArmorClass coverFortitudeSave cover CriticalHit coverInitiativeRoll coverAreaEffect coverMoveAction cover
Presented, in no particular order, for your enjoyment and my amusement.

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