Journaling about Happiness

Some of the things that make me happy are . . .
Mail. It brings me joy that everyday, except Sunday, there is a little white truck that brings me letters and packages. So that each day, when I come home from work there is a surprise waiting for me in my mailbox. It may be bills, advertisements, or statements, but everyday there is something. This is a hold over from my childhood, when there were few occasions when mail would arrive for me. Now, almost all the mail is for me, and no matter what that mail might be, it is always a box of surprises. And that box of surprises always brings me joy.
Trash Collection. Surprised? Why wouldn’t you be? To my adult mind, trash collection is magical. It is the opposite of mail, in that it does not drop off mystery packages, but instead removes things from my life that I don’t want. Each week I gather things I don’t want and place them in my big green basket on wheels. Then on Monday morning, or Sunday night, I drag that basket to the curb. As I drive off to work it is sitting there full of junk, garbage, and other things I just don’t want. When I come home from work, the basket is still there, but all the stuff is gone. This happens every week and makes me happy. I know it does, because on the few occasions when I’ve come home and found the stuff still in the basket, I’ve been very unhappy.
My garage. I enjoy being in the garage. It is a place with so much raw potential for creativity. When I’m in the garage I feel like it is just waiting for me to be productive or creative. I turn on the music and I can putter around in the garage all day. Moving stuff around. Rearranging tools. Daydreaming about improvements. My garage is not a man cave, it is a raw, unfinished space full of possibilities. Just being out there makes me happy.

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