Long Weekend Recap

The weekend was long, this recap, not so much.
Kirra, who’s moved back with us, went away for the weekend. I don’t know what she did or where she went… does it really matter… probably not, hell, she’s 21. She can do what she wants.
Tasha and I didn’t do much. We went and saw Prince of Persia on Saturday. Not a great movie, but it was what it was, an action movie based on a video game. And I think for that it did what it set out to do pretty well. Lots of jumping around. Lots of sword fighting. Lots of CGI. It’s not going to win any awards, but I thought it captured the game nicely. I’d see the next one, if the make another.
Sunday, Tasha’s friend Jen came over and visited for a bit.
We had some leisure time and there’s nothing wrong with that.