Looks Like The Deed Will Be Done

Finally, the bank has come through with what looks to be some good news. They’re going to do the deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. All the signatures have been signed and the paperwork is off to their lawyers. I’m supposed to call the lawyer on Friday and get the details about when, where, how, and all that jazz. It’s not good to lose the house, but if I’m doing it anyway, this is the way I wanted it to happen. Deed-in-lieu looks a little better on the old credit report and it doesn’t leave me with a balance hanging over my financial future. This is good. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong to break the deal.

Looks like my parents won’t be making it up here this year, my grandfather (mother’s father) has taken ill and this may be his last hurrah, so they’re staying down there with him. Since I’m not working I may shoot down there to see how everyone is doing. I know that my grandmother would love to see me and both my remaining grandfathers are having health issues. Just seems like this is a trip I should take. Besides, it’ll give me a chance to check out the job market down there. Wouldn’t something in the keys be great?

I checked out two HVAC schools today. The first one is local, right here in Southfield, offers a 40-week course (4-days a week / 4-hours a day / 640 total hours of training), and offers financial aid in the form of pell grants and student loans. The second is in Indiana (tuition includes hotel, food, transportation, and laundry), offers a 28-day course (7-days a week / 10-hours a day / 700 total hours of training), and offers financial aid in the form of student loans. Both schools are just under 10-grand and neither include the certification for refrigerant recovery that the Feds require (that’s a state-by-state test that here in Michigan is about $50), both claim to cover all aspects of HVAC (including boilers and oil-fuel systems).

That’s a lot of money. I’m not sure if it’s worth it so tomorrow I’m going to do a bunch of cold calls to local heating and cooling companies and pick the brains of those who will let me. I’m going to ask them things like: Does this certification mean anything to you? Is it something you look for in an employee? Would you rather see a college degree? Do you think it’s worth it for someone with my experience? We’ll see what kind of responses I get.

That’s it for now. Later.