Monday, Monday, So Good to Me

Well, not really. Or at least not this Monday. Probably this applies to most Mondays. Although, Monday is the magical day where I put all the stuff I don’t want out on the curb in the morning and it disappears by the time I get home. I like that. Monday’s aren’t so bad.

Look at those legs! Careful. They’re very white. They may blind you. You are definitely looking at someone who wears long pants all summer.

“T’int right, T’int fair, T’int fit, T’int proper!”

–Jud Paynter, Poldark

This Monday, I’m starting an intermittent fasting thing. Basically, no food from 7 PM through to 11 AM. Or perhaps it would be better to think of the hours between 11 AM and 7 PM as the feeding hours. Why? Because I’ve been eating too much everyday, I eat too late at night, and I’m a structure junkie. This allows me to create even more rules for my life.

The no soda thing has worked out pretty well. The fasting thing should be along those same lines. The next thing is to get away from my desk, out of the pilot seat in the van, and do more stuff. Move. I’m not going to say exercise, but I’ll get there. I’ve got to make some reductions in my life. Particularly, spending and fat. The two have more in common than you might imagine. I’m working on it.

And since I’m home alone most nights until 9-10 o’clock this semester… well, I’ve got no one but me to blame.

“Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.”

— Dwight Eisenhower

My writing would seem to have stalled. I took a night off to do some simple revision and outlining. And here we are 27-nights later and my word count hasn’t gone up at all. Weird. So, do I jump back into that project or start something else? Should I assume that the previous idea wasn’t interesting enough to keep me going or is it simply that I’ve completely fallen out of the writing habit and it won’t matter what I’m working on if I don’t get back into the routine?

I think it’s probably more of the second and less the first.

Should I do 30-days of random writing exercises just to get back into the habit or dive right back into story? Whichever. Either ither. I’ve just got to do something that doesn’t involve mindlessly scrolling through the internet or reworking game rules for games that I don’t play.

I like the idea of writing. I enjoy the creative process of writing. But the discipline is hard. The focus is hard. And I find myself, as with everything lately, wondering what is the payout? Why am I doing this thing instead of some other thing that has no obvious payout? The wife would be happier if I’d just stop hiding in the office and watch TV with her. God I hate watching TV. Now there’s something that makes me feel like I’m wasting time.

“Remember, you can’t be stuck in traffic; you are the traffic.”

— Kevin Slavin

I have a couple ideas for arohenTV videos. I just need to actually make them. We’ll see if that happens. That last arohenRADIO show, well, it kinda stalled out. I may be over thinking this stuff. I mean, does it really matter if there are more episodes of The Truckcast w/ Ronn McCarrick podcast than there are of the arohenRADIO program? Not to anyone but me. And how long has it been since I made a video? A long time! Why am I doing these things?

Not to make any money or grow my brand! That’s a given. I’m not organized enough or charismatic enough for either of those things. This is either a labor of love, a vanity project, or a waste of time. It could be both of those first two things, but it’s only the third if I say so. That last one is on me. To this point, it feels more like something to do and a skill set to learn. I don’t think of it as a waste. You might. But you’re not paying the bills, so pfft.

Free Books

I was going through my writing books and I have duplicates of these three. On Writing by Stephen King, Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark, The Writer’s Idea Book by Jack Heffron. I can’t bring myself to throw them out and I don’t know anyone that wants them. I guess I could take them to Schuler Books and trade them for credit, but I don’t want to. I’d be willing to send them to anyone who wants them. They’re in really good shape. Consider it my gift to you. First come, first serve.