Today is full of fun. My vision is fuzzy. They said that this might happen off and on, but it’s still annoying. My foot is swollen. The gout faded away to a great extent yesterday, but last night it came back. This is one condition I could certainly live without. So I’m back on the pills and looking forward to tonight.
I sat down to write last night, but the previous two nights of sleeplessness seem to have caught up with me. I couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t put the words together into coherant sentences, and had to just give up after an hour. I feel more rested this morning and am hopeful that tonight will be more fruitful.
I made two wallpapers, one for each of the novels I plan on finishing this year.

Sitting Duct
Sitting Duct

This is the project I’ll be starting as soon as I finish A Difficult Dinner. The one story summary would be something like… A working man finds a bag of money which leads him into a web of seduction, deception, and murder. That still needs some work, but it’ll do for now. As far as the wallpaper goes, I’m pretty happy with this one, I tried this once before with lesser results. I made this one with photographs I found on the internet. I don’t know who any of these people are, where I found the images, or who to credit for them. But, the van came from the GMC website.
Crazy Deadly Cool
Crazy Deadly Cool

This is going to be my attempt at a ‘detective’ story. The plan is to start it around September or October and have it finished by the end of the year. I’ve got a basic outline done for it and some good ideas for the characters and situations, but I’m trying to keep it on the back burner while I finish up A Difficult Dinner and ramp Sitting Duct onto the workbench. Basically, its about a PI who has a trio of problems: he’s being stalked by his crazy ex-wife, a teenage runaway who can’t pay for his help, and all the headaches that come with having an overly aggressive partner. All of which get wrapped around a pretty straight forward divorce/surveillance case. The image is a composite of an Olivia painting, a True Crime wallpaper, a couple other sources that I don’t remember where they came from, and a wallpaper that I tiled to get the background.
Making these things helps me visualize the story. I put it up as the background and if I get stuck, they help me refocus on the story.

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