NaNoWriMo 2004

November is National Novel Writing Month and I’m taking the time to reinvigorate my writing. The year started with good intentions and regular word counts. But somewhere around March it all fell apart.

This years project is the same as 2002’s, Thane. I’ve spent alot of time since “finishing” A Difficult Dinner thinking about that story. What I realized is that my focus was on the wrong parts of the story and that the end of the 50,000 words I wrote needs to be redone because it’s really the beginning of the real story. So rather than tweaking my existing words I’m going to get 2,000 words a day out to tell the rest of that story. When it’s all done I’ll tie it together with what I already have and do a good second draft.

I’m feeling good about this and I’m confident that I’m really going to finish this time around.