Not Gonna Talk About It Today

Today, I damn near finished my project at school. Would have had it done if the job placement lady would have cut her, “how to get a job” speech down to a reasonable length. I mean, shit, I’m guessing everyone there has had to get a job at one point or another. Oh well, my partner will have to finish it for me tomorrow while I’m kicked back in the dentist chair.

Back at work I tried to pin the boss down for a little talk and got brushed off until later this week, maybe next week. He may be surprised to find me in his office when he gets in tomorrow. I mean, the dentist isn’t expecting me until 10:00 am, why not get this all over with so at least I know where I stand. The future isn’t getting any further away.

Work wise I found myself on a windy rooftop replacing a motor and learned the lesson (again) that I need to start keeping cold-weather clothes in the truck. Yikes it was bitter cold and windy up there. Afterwards I went and helped drag a big ‘ol furnace up two flights of stairs, did a little install work and then lay down on the icy driveway to fix my van’s exhaust which had come loose again. All in all the day was everything I could have ever wanted.

Did you notice that I’ve not been using names when I make these posts? That’s intentional, but I don’t know how you feel about it. Maybe I should give up and start using names, or maybe I should make up names for everyone I’m talking about… that might be fun. Anyway, my thinking is that probably most people don’t want to be immortalized on my blog. So I just leave the names out.

Nobody tried the 410A quiz (like anybody reads this), so I put up a new quiz that I think you can get into a bit more. VOTE. I’m gonna drink a couple beers and fiddle with my MySpace page. Later.