Not Much to Say

I don’t have much to say today and I didn’t get much done this weekend so there’s no updates to anything. I did see Bird Box on Netflix; It was not good, do not watch it. Sandra Bullock in a Netflix movie. Maybe it’s just me, but all these movies that take one sense and make that the terrorizing thing are dumb. If you look you die. If they hear you you die. If you smell it, but aren’t the one who dealt it, you die. You get the idea.

I before E

Except when your foreign neighbor Keith receives eight counterfeit beige sleighs from feisty caffeinated weightlifters.

seen on a coffee cup

I did see The Highwaymen as well, that one was pretty good. It was another Netflix original movie. Woody Harrelson and Kevin Costner. If I recommended movies, I might tell you to watch that one. But I don’t, so I wont.

Other things I’ve watched lately on Netflix include the following. The Dirt, I was a big Motley Crue fan in highschool and it was done pretty well, so I was entertained. MadMen, which is our ongoing series currently, is pretty good for a show about a bunch of bad people doing bad things in a way that is supposed to be entertaining. And lastly, Kevin Hart: Irresponsible, which wasn’t very funny and left me with the impression that Kevin Hart is a very angry man at this point in his life. I think I actually laughed, like twice. Which is not good for a comedy special.


This is the sexual position where you and your partner basically just rub the back of your heads against the others ass crack. It’s not that great.

Ronn McCarrick

I’ve been watching a lot of TV, and I can’t say it’s been great. The youngest boy is visiting and he’s a big fan of TV, as is his mother, which means I’m getting roped into this terrible habit. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, is a dinosaur movie, so it should be great. But instead, it’s more of a bore. Not terrible. Just not great, or really even particularly good. How can you not make these better movies. Fuck, they’re dinosaur movies. Maybe concentrate on that more and on the science of making them less. And probably you should get rid of the whole genetically improved monster dinosaur hybrids. Stop ruining this series for me.

Speaking of ruining a series for me… I watched all or part of the last two Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I don’t even know what they’re called and I don’t even care. The first one was a classic. That was an incredible movie. They have gotten worse with each addition to the series. But I’m sure we’ll keep seeing them until all life has been drained from the franchise. Would you be surprised to learn that I didn’t like them? They were mildly entertaining, but the magic is all but gone in that series.

Seventy five percent of all traffic deaths and injuries happen within 25 miles of home.

This is not news. I mean, how often are you more than 25 miles from home? As a percentage, it’s probably pretty small.

Ronn McCarrick

This ended up being an awful long post for one where I had nothing to say…

Well, based on the retirement clock in the sidebar nothing has changed. I’ve got work to do. Later.

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