One of Those Days

It is the middle of April, right? What is the deal with this snow? If I were going anywhere this morning I would have needed my brush. Ridiculous. I don’t appreciate this. Don’t they know I just cut all my hair off? I want my 60 degree days back.

Wednesday has snuck up on me. It did not take as long as I thought to lose track of the days, despite the fact that I still get up and ready myself for any calls that might come in. I thought I had a few calls to do, but I did some follow up on them and they all ended up either redirected or in my ‘HOLD’ cue. I’m not enjoying my time off. Particularly the aspect of having time off, but not really being free to do what I want because the possibility of work appearing any moment. And since any work that might need to be responded to would be an ’emergency’, I still need to be able to meet my response times. So, while it probably isn’t as limiting as it feels, it feels pretty limiting.

My government stimulus/aid deposit showed up in the checking account this morning. My brother said he got his yesterday. It seems like the checks must be going out. I’m sure you’ll get yours soon, if you haven’t seen it already. But while it sounds like a nice payout, if you were out of work and having trouble getting through to the unemployment benefits, it sure would not go far. I worry that there are going to be a lot, I mean a lot, of folks hurting by the time this virus runs its course.

Finally got around to watching the latest Star Wars movie last night, The Rise of Skywalker. I purchased it when it went on sale digitally. What was that, March 29th? Two weeks later I decided to watch it. I was disappointed. This trilogy started with such promise, slipped in the middle, and then fell down in the last movie. Not a great way to closeout the Skywalker story. The visuals were amazing, but the plot, characters, and story were nothing but the typical Hollywood schlock. Any excitement I had about Star Wars has once again drained onto the floor to pool at my feet. I don’t think I can put it back where it belongs.

For me, probably for most of the fans, Star Wars has always been a thing built only partially by the movies. Star Wars has always been about the potential of the thing. They showed us so little and yet revealed that there was this universe beyond the Skywalker story. That universe was open to all the adventures I could dream up. None of the later movies did that for me. I’d go so far as to say that with each movie the possibilities seemed smaller and more constrained. I think I’ll stick with the parts I like, the parts that speak to me, and toss the rest away. Seems like that’s what they did in the movie. They pulled together what they thought we wanted, story be damned, and threw out all the imagination and potential.

Anyway, the movie was a mess. Also, why is it that the digital versions, with all the extras, don’t have a menu of some sort. I don’t want to have to fast forward through everything to get to the bonus content, or to figure out what the bonus content even is. So frustrating. Later.