Oops… Sorry.

I admit it. I’ve been lax on the entries here. Accept the damn apology so we can get on with it already.
So yesterday I got a letter from the Friend of the Court. I get to go visit them in August. Something about me not having a job and them wanting money. Well, I started paying them when I got my unemployment check, so screw them. I’m not sure if this is my ex’s doing or if it’s the court. Whoever, doesn’t much matter. I’m getting $324.00 a week and they want $110.00 of that, and that’s after asking for it to be reduced due to my unemployment. Thanks guys, knocking less than $50 a week off helps a lot since my income is about a third of what it was.
The god-damned FotC is about useless. I’m sending them what I can, when I can. Why don’t they spend their time chasing people who are thousands of dollars behind. Fuckers.
Needless to say I’m annoyed. But in other news, episode 2 of my new d20 Modern game is this Sunday. Shadow’s Play. I’m looking forward to it. The first session was good, but my buddy Doug couldn’t make it so I couldn’t really get into the meat of the campaign. He’ll be there this time and I can’t wait. Well, better get back to real life. I’m not making any promises, but maybe I’ll post again tonight. Later.

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