Possible Story Ideas

I thought I’d give a little summary of what some of the titles I listed in the previous post are about. So here are a few ideas I’ve had for novels.

A Difficult Dinner
A man who lost his wife and two children to vampires finds himself defending a woman and her son from two different groups of vampires.

Crazy, Deadly, Cool
Ex-cop/PI story about a guy with woman trouble. A crazy ex-wife. A partner who is deadly with a gun. And one cool bit of trouble in the form of a runaway girl on the lam.

Sitting Duct
What happens when you find a load of cash in the ductwork of an old furnace? Well, somebody tries to kill you to get it back of course.

What if Star Wars wasn’t in space? What if it had vampires and chainmail? A homage to this film wherein a pair of sisters, one good, one evil, battle to determain the fate of a fantasy realm.

Outside Adamantine Gates
After a failed assassination attempt on him results in the murder of his wife and child a man seeks vengence. Styx with the help of two street tough adventurers, Dancer and Rogue, decides that it is his purpose to destroy the booster gangs that ravage the city and do the dirty work of their secretive corporate sponsors. His two companions watch as he spirals down into a deeper, darker pit of futility.

One Shot Too Many
Roderick Thane is back, but something has changed. Perhaps it is the renewed ferver with which he is approaching his job of killing vampires that has caused the change. Or the instability he is causing on the recently reestablished vampire council in Detroit. Whatever the cause, his blanket of immunity has been removed and now the bloodsuckers are out to get him.