Rainy Sunday Musings

So, you try to plug in a USB plug and it doesn’t fit. You flip it over and still no luck. You flip it back to the original side and now it fits. Argh! I feel your pain. We all feel your pain. How many thousands of times has that happened? Here’s a helpful tip I learned over at CoolTools.com. The topside of any USB plug will be smooth metal and the underside will have a groove down the center. Keep the smooth side up.

If you were wondering what we decided to watch, we settled on Killing Eve on Hulu. Just finished the first season this morning at breakfast. It’s pretty good. I have not become annoyed with it and am interested to see where it goes in season two.

I picked up the new Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit album, Reunions. I’ve given it an initial listen straight through and listened to some of the individual tracks a couple more times. I like it, though I would not say it was my favorite. But, it’s still growing on me. Favorite track so far is either “St. Peter’s Autograph” or “It Gets Easier”. There are at least 5 rock solid tunes on this album.

Menard’s finally refunded my cancelled order. Took damn near 2-weeks. I still don’t have any drywall, but the electrician has me worried about the inspector and covering up my wiring.

With this time card, I officially have less than 10 days of PTO remaining (9.88 to be exact). Just two more weeks of May to get through. I sure hope everything opens back up in June.

I did a bunch of paint work on my cave diorama. Built some rock walls. I made a waterfall out of cotton balls and clear resin using a technique that I saw on YouTube. It worked pretty well, but I may have used too much cotton, as the final waterfall is very white. I used the same technique on the rapids in the stream and they came out much less white. I filled the pond and river with resin. It looks great, but I realize now that I should have sealed the whole thing with matte lacquer BEFORE adding the resin. Now I’ll have to mask off the river and pond to keep the gloss. Live and learn, I guess.

resin waterfall

I think it looks pretty good. Still need to figure out what I’m doing for the briar bushes outside the cave and there’s some accessories I’m working on, but this part of the project is getting close to completion. I’ll do a full-on crafting post next week.

I recorded a musically themed Truckcast last week, but I still need to edit and get it uploaded… that’ll be another post next week.

I think that’ll do for now. Later.