Rampant Picks

Last night, my guitar instructor asked me, “what’s that symbol.” Referring to the rampant lion shield logo, as I have both a rampant lion sticker on my guitar case and I now have rampant lion guitar picks.

I told him it was a personal logo that I use on my website and assorted other projects. He didn’t seem particularly impressed or ask what that website might be. So, pretty much the response I get from everyone.

But wait, what about those guitar picks? I know. Amazing right! We live in such a wonderful time, that for $10 I can send away to China and have half a dozen guitar picks with my personal logo printed on both sides at mailed to back to my house in less than two weeks. Sure, I ordered the wrong ones and got the leather keychain, pick holders instead of six additional picks. But you can get a dozen custom picks for $9.99 at this Amazon link. I think they turned out quite nice.

guitar picks