Reality, Truth, & Goals

Some do drugs, others go for a run, some grab a bottle, and some reach for the remote, but really we’re all just searching for that little bit of shelter and escape from the terrible reality of the world.

–or something like that

Okay, so maybe “terrible reality” is a bit dire. Perhaps unrelenting would have been a better choice of words. Or maybe, you’ve got it rough and terrible reality seems like an understatement. I don’t know. All I can say is that reality pushes forward no matter what and shoves all of our little misperceptions, wishful thinkings, and self-delusion out of the way as it grabs us all by the scruff of the neck and charges onward. Ever onward with no concern for you or me or anyone. Reality is a “take no prisoners” kind of proposition. Do with that what you will.

Hey, just an update on my experiences with Mr Robot on Netflix. Almost done with season two. This show! You know what I mean? So well done. Well acted. Full of twists. Not really anything about it, storywise, that I’m really interested in. But damn good. And so weird. What a weird show.

I don’t remember where I found this, but it feels important. I’m just going to put it here. You know, in case anyone needs it.

And as long as I’m sharing things I have stuffed in the folders on my G: drive, let’s take a look at S.M.A.R.T. Goals. Because as we streak toward the end of the first month of 2020 it’s probably not a bad idea to evaluate how we’re doing, so far, in the new decade. Maybe after reading this you’ll want to tweak those New Year Resolutions. I’ll be evaluating my new goals here on the blog in a week or so.

Not sure who made that graphic, but they seem to be having issues with their neighbor. But the important stuff is there. You should set SMART goals. Which means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. You can find all sorts of information on SMART goals online with a quick search. Most of it has very little to do with Peter Gregorio.