Rejected Podcast Scraps

I was making another parody/homage intro for the arohenRADIO podcast, but to make it I had to enlist Microsoft David and Microsoft Zira to help Scotty and I out. But then I started to get worried that Microsoft might not appreciate my using their stuff. I’m sure that violates their usage agreement somehow. So I decided to scrap this bit of audio. However, I thought it was amusing enough that I wanted to share it with you in a way that will never be monetized, my blog.

Also, this is the first thing I’ve done with Adobe Audition and I thought it was going pretty well, right up to the point where I lost my nerve. So here is a bit of partially edited tape from the recording booth. It’s not finished quality, but it’s not terrible either.

First, a little background. I’m trying to put three or six podcasts together before I release the next one. That’ll give me a little cushion and should cut down on these insanely long delays. But for each episode I’m doing a little homage/parody intro, much like I did with Star Wars in the first episode. Anyway, this one is based on a skit by the Dead Alewives that made the rounds in the gaming community 10-15 years back. The Mountain Dew line still gets repeated at least once every time my gang gets together …you know who you are… Here’s the original or at least what I found on YouTube.

And here is what I came up with but decided against using due to the unlicensed voices. Maybe you’ll like it. Maybe you’ll wonder why I spend my time doing this stuff.

dead alewives parody

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you my story about trying to install a Nest doorbell. Later.