Ric Ocasek

I feel like I just wrote one of these for Eddie Money.

Ric Ocasek passed away today. He was 75. I remember him as the lead singer/rhythm guitarist for The Cars, but he also had a bunch of solo albums. I have all The Cars albums, but Fireball Zone is the only one of those solo albums I own.The Cars were one of my favorite bands, right up until I saw them in concert back in 1985. I was not impressed with The Cars in concert. But I can still remember jammin’ out to My Best Friend’s Girl, Shake It Up, Hello Again, and a bunch of others in the car.

The Cars made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year, but I didn’t watch the ceremony. I think it’s available on one of the services I pay for. I should look that up. I haven’t listened to The Cars or Ric’s solo stuff much at all of late, but it still sad to see all these artists I loved in high school passing away. It makes me take stock of my own mortality.

Here’s some Cars music to remember the good times.

Shake It Up
Since You’re Gone
Dangerous Type