Sitting Pretty in My New Chair

Look it’s me talking about another thing I bought. Yeah, it is. But in my defence, most of the things I buy are pretty lame. And anyway, birthday.

So, another birthday present arrived from Amazon. This time it’s a new office chair. Because the last two have been terrible. I really miss my Aeron chair.

office chair

It doesn’t look much different than my old chair, but it’s much more comfortable. It actually has padding on the seat that pads. The adjustable arms don’t swivel around like they’re lost. It’s wider and sturdier. It weighs quite a bit more, surprisingly heavy. The only complaint I have, the backrest doesn’t lean back in a comfortable way. It just feels awkward. But I don’t lean back when I’m working anyway, so it shouldn’t be a thing. I’m pretty happy with it so far.

I also picked up a set of better wheels for this one. They’re supposed to be easier on the floor and that should let me get rid of the mat under my desk. Which will be nice, because it’s pretty slippery when there’s no weight on it and it’s nearly dropped me on my ass a few times as it slides across the floor. As an added bonus, these wheels are a lot quieter than the hard plastic wheels that always come with this type of chair. They roll real nice, too.