Started Strong

Things started out well this morning. I came up with ideas for both a series of podcasts and a corollary YouTube series of videos. I scribbled up some notes and recorded the audio for what could be the fabled arohenRADIO episode #2. Then I started recording a second bit of audio for the next episode and somewhere in there I decided to check on the “best” length for a podcast. I know this is information I’ve looked up in the past. I’m sure I have notes on it in my podcast folder. Which led me to doing some research on Intro and Outro scripts. Again, something I’ve already done. Then I had to go into my music folder and listen to each of the audio clips I downloaded as possible music for the podcast. A decision that I made when I put episode #1 together. But you know, better double check that I made the right choice.

I still think I chose the best of the bunch. But maybe I should trim it down a bit… nah… that would just be distracting me from the project.

Oh look, the wife is awake. I should make french toast out of that bread she made the other day and serve us both breakfast. Not as good as I hoped. Bread didn’t absorb the egg-mix as well as I wanted. Too dense.

I should do laundry before I sit back down at the desk.

Hmmm… a video on YouTube best practices. I’ll watch that.

Next thing you know I’m watching a comedy special by Christopher Titus, not sure how I ended up there and I’ve got the Chevrolet website open in a second window. What the hell?!

At some point the day spiralled wildly out of focus and everything I was going to get done, did not happen. Focus seems to be an issue in this time of Covid-19.

first mow of the season

I did get the lawn mowed yesterday. I even used the bags. The lawn was very long. Probably, I should have mowed it twice previously… but it just seems so early in the year. Anyway, I like it. This little mower had no problems with the hills and ditches in my yard. Bags filled up fast, but like I said, the lawn was very long. More on the mower in a few days. Later.